What is PairWith.Us? - Agile Software Development

In short, it's agile software development (user stories, tests, code and more), broadcast live and recorded for your future viewing pleasure. Watch the pairwith.us trailer to get a better idea of what PairWith.Us is all about.

Why PairWith.Us?

We aren't trying to teach any specific technology or technique. Instead, we'd like to share how we combine several software craftsmanship techniques, shown in the style of a fly-on-the-wall documentary.

The main learning point that we hope our viewers take away is that it's ok to make mistakes and to change your mind. Things don't have to be perfect, first time, every time, as long as you progressively make things better.

We aim to show the real deal including uncertainty, debate and eventual clarity (along with some petty arguing and occasional tangents).

But most of all... we're two guys who have fun programming :-)

When can you PairWith.Us?

Follow pairwith.us chatter on Twitter or become a fan on facebook to find out when you can pairwith.us/live. Or, you can watch previous episodes (not so live) at pairwith.us/tv.